assalamualaikum wbt..

in the name of ALLAH..most gracious most merciful..

alhamdulillah..thank you ALLAH..i still breathe..can see..can hear..can taste..can touch and everything i can because i still alive..and ALLAH give me a chance to write here ,to meet with you,to share information and to exchange lucky i am..alhamdulillah..

to all of you..let us take the guidance from ALLAH and Rasullullah p.b.u.h..we can face the world and colour it with iman and taqwa..

hopefully we can cooperate each other in terms of da'wah..


3 GosiP bErduRi:

salam kak..
chat ke??
miss u a l0t..


tke cre..
makan ubat rr.klu x ak gtau mummy..


waalaikumussalam wbt..
k.yong da ok la..huhu..kuat mengadu pnye budak..=D


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