Prayers of Love Literature..

Ya Allah, if I fall in love, let my love be
for the one that love You so as to
strengthen my love for You.

Ya Allah, if I fall in love, please do not let
my love for him exceed my love for him,
except my love for You.

Ya Allah, if I fall in love, let me touch the heart of
someone who is near to You.

Ya Rabbana, if I fall in love, protect my heart so it
will not be distracted from remembering You

Ya Rabbul Izzati, if I am longing for someone,
let that someone be a person who yearns for
martyrdom in Your path.

Ya Allah, if I am longing for someone, let my
yearning for him be less than that Your paradise

Ya Allah, should You bestow upon me the love of
our loved one, let that pleasure not be more than
that of prostrating to You in the third of
the night..

Ya Allah, If I fall in love with Your loved one,
let me not fall in the long walk of calling people
towards You..

Ya Allah, should You permit me to long for Your
loved one, let exceed my pure love not my love
and eternal longing for You.

Ya Allah, only You know that our hearts
are together with love for You, meeting
through our loyalty to You, combined together
in preaching for You, uniting in defending Your law,
so please strengthen our bonds, eternalized our love,
show us the way, fill our hearts with Your light that can
never fade, widen our hearts with everlasting faith
in You and the beauty of surrounding ourselves to You.

(Adapted from Munajat Cinta)

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